Papers given at Conferences and Workshops

Cambridge, UK

August 2014 

Kingdoms, empire and legacies: assessing the Stuart dynasty and its histories
Oświęcim, Poland October 014 Jagiellonowie i ich świat (The Jagiellonians & Their World)
Lublin, Poland October 2014

Imagined Communities: Constructing Collective Identities in Medieval Europe

Vienna, Austria April, 2015

Wiener Kongress 1515: Zentraleuropa zwischen Jagiellonen und Habsburgern

Debrecen, Hungary April 2015 The Jagiellonians in Europe: Dynastic Diplomacy and Foreign Relations
Oxford, UK April, 2015

Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort  & European Identities 

Leeds, UK July 2015 Leeds International Medieval Congress, ‘Jagiellonians & Dynasty’ panels
Turku, Finland August, 2015 Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort  & European Identities
Budapest, Hungary November 2015 Az 1515ös bécsi királytalálkozó – Emlékezet és újraértelmezés (The Vienna royal summit of 1515 memory and new interpretations)
Bratislava, Slovakia November 2015 Prelomové obdobie dejín (spoločnosť, kultúra a politika roku 1515) (Turning Point Era in History: Society, Culture, and Politics in the year 1515)
Vienna, Austria December, 2015

In Their Own Hand: Personal Letters in Habsburg Dynastic Networks

Engelsberg, Sweden December, 2015 Decline & Declinism
Birmingham, UK March, 2016 Nationalism, Identity and Community from Medieval Times to the Present
Olomouc, Czech Republic April 2016 Unity and Diversity of Medieval (Central) Europe. Social Order and Its Cohesive and Disruptive Forces
Warsaw, Poland April 2016 Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort  & European Identities (HERA network conference)
Leiden, Netherlands June 2016 Deconstructing “Dynasty”: Lineage, Family and the Politics of Succession in the Golden Horde and Central Europe’
Bruges, Belgium August 2016 Women and the End of Dynasty: The Jagiellonian Inheritance Dispute
of the 1570s
Turku, Finland January 2017 Catherine Jagiellon between Catholicism and Lutheranism
London, UK May 2017 What Happens When Dynasty Ends? The Jagiellonians, Poland-Lithuania and a Late Sixteenth-Century Crisis'
Cambridge, UK November 2017 The Jagiellonians: New Perspectives on Polish & European History
Oxford, UK April 2018 The Polish -Italian Royal Wedding of 1518 - Dynasty, Memory and Language'
Lviv, Ukraine September 2018 Inventing the Jagiellonians: Language and Dynasty in Renaissance Europe