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Dynasty in the Making: the Idea of the Jagiellonians (c.1370-1660)

By Natalia Nowakowska, Ilya Afanasyev, Giedrė Mickūnaitė, Stanislava Kuzmová, Susanna Niiranen & Dušan Zupka (forthcoming, working title).                                                                                    

This is a monograph of 120,000 words, collectively written by the PI and team members. It reconstructs the concept and languages of dynasty which existed among the Jagiellonians and their subjects c.1370-1670, the ‘invention’ of the Jagiellonian identity, and its implications for the study of dynasty in Renaissance Europe and beyond.



trinity chapel in lublin  north wall choir  the equestrian image of king wladyslaw jagiello


Lords of Another Europe: the Jagiellonians, 1377-1596

Natalia Nowakowska (forthcoming)

This monograph by the PI offers a new, trans-national and globalising history of the Jagiellonian dynasty over two centuries (c.1370-1600). The book sets the Jagiellonians within their wider European and Eurasian contexts for the first time.